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Multi aircraft options opens the door for charter

When it comes to air travel, a customer’s needs are understandably numerous and situation specific.

Luckily, there are many different types of aircraft out there, which enables Worldwide Charter Group to adequately care for our customers’ needs, right down to the specifics.

At Worldwide Charter Group, our experts in charter planning and aircraft leasing often provide solutions for two types of customers:

Adhoc Groups - Those that aren’t airlines themselves, but who wish to take a large group to a certain location all on the same aircraft such as Sports Teams and Tour Operators (chartering); and Airlines, in need of aircraft to lease to augment their fleets or cover a short term mechanical issue or repair.

Sometimes we lease just the aircraft to airlines directly (in what is termed “dry lease”) and sometimes, we broker leasing from another airline that includes aircraft, crew, maintenance and insurance (called “wet lease,” or “ACMI”) to an airline in need.

Our network of available aircraft is made up of many different types of jetss, capable of seating anywhere from 80-100 people on a regional Embraer Jet  to up to 560 people, on a Boeing 747.

Some of the commonly utilized aircraft to which WCG has access, for charter and leasing:

  • Boeing 737-400: Seats 150-170, so it’s popular for charter groups. It’s a narrow-body aircraft with four or five hours of flight range. It features a single aisle with rows of three seats on either side.
  • Boeing 737-800: Seats 162-189 and is one of the larger members of the Boeing 737 family. It features a single aisle with rows of three seats on either side, and has a flight range of six to seven hours.
  • MD-83: Formerly called DC-9, but renamed in 1983, this aircraft, made by McDonnell Douglas, seats 150-165. It features a single aisle with rows of three seats on one side, and rows of two seats on the other. Its flight range is four to five hours.
  • Airbus 319: The smallest of the popular Airbus series, this aircraft features the single aisle, three and three configuration, and has a flight range of five to six hours. It seats anywhere from 120 to 142.
  • Airbus 320: This aircraft, which as been available since 1988, is the most popular Airbus size. It seats 150 to 180, and has a flight range of five to six hours. It is a popular choice for long-haul airlines due to its newer technology, with entertainment centres in the backs of each seat. 
  • Airbus 321: Slightly larger than its little brother the A320, this aircraft seats 186-220. It features the trademark single-aisle, three on three configuration, and has a flight range of five hours.
  • Boeing 757: Designed to replace the 727, this Boeing aircraft is the largest, single-aisle passenger aircraft out there. It is no longer in production, as the industry now trends toward smaller jetliners. It seats 178 to 240, and has a flight range of seven to eight hours.
  • Boeing 767-200: The smallest dual-aisle aircraft in the fleet, this one seats 180 to 250, with a flight range of nine to 10 hours.
  • Boeing 767-300: Slightly larger than the 200, the 300 seats 220 to 320, and can fly for 10 to 12 hours.
  • Boeing 777: Boeing’s original high-tech aircraft, this one features a complete redesign from the 767 series. It’s larger - it can seat 305-400, has dual aisles, and a flight range of 10 hours.
  • Airbus 330: This is Airbus’ largest twin-jet version, a wide-body aircraft that can seat 300-400. Its flight range is longer, too - 12 to 14 hours.
  • Airbus 340: Similar to the Airbus 330 in size, the 340 is available in two versions: The 300, and the 200. The 300 seats up to 340, while the 200 seats up to 261. Our 340-300 has a flight range of 14 hours.
  • Boeing 747: The “jumbo jet” is the original wide-body aircraft, available for long-distance flights from the 1970s onward. It seats between 450 and 560, with dual decks (an upstairs and a downstairs!) and dual aisles. Its flying range is 12 to 14 hours.

That’s a lot of aircraft … but they are all suited to different types of flights and different markets. 

Are you a non-airline group seeking help planning a chartered flight, or an airline in need of a replacement aircraft? WCG experts would love to bring our 15-plus years of experience planning charters and providing aircraft to your assistance.

To receive a quote for your upcoming aircraft needs, whether it’s for charter or for leasing, call Worldwide Charter Group at 905-684-1100, or send us a message via our website contact page, HERE.