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Youth Travelling

Travel becomes bonding time for school teams and educators

Travelling as one unit on “their own” plane, team members and their chaperones forge lasting friendships

If you are a parent or educator who has participated in a field trip for your school, you are likely aware of the difficulties associated with this kind of activity. 

Think about travelling by air with a large group of students across Canada for whom you are responsible, or even to another country, for an educational touring trip or a team competition. Your difficulties just multiplied tenfold, especially if you are flying economy, and not all group members fit on the same flight.

What if you could put your entire group - educators, students, their sports gear or musical instruments, chaperones and everyone’s luggage - on their own plane, chartered for the purpose of seamless travel to your planned destination?

I can hear all the educators out there right now, saying: “Yes please!!”

It’s possible, and happens more often than you think. Worldwide Charter Group has safely escorted high school groups, sports teams, youth orchestras and marching bands to trips far and wide. Our expert planners arrange for fuss-free check-in; luggage collection; inflight services such as beverage and snacks; expert staffing and contacts available 24/7 at both departure and arrival points. We can even assist with boots on the ground internationally, hotels and site based ground transfers.

This type of team travel can have real benefits for your group: The team travels together as one unit, instead of being split up on economy flights.  The most difficult and riskiest part of large group travel can be trying to keep track of multiple groups of travellers on different flights. When flights get diverted due to bad whether or overcrowded runways, the air travel portion of a trip can become a nightmare for organizers.

There are so many benefits to travelling together. Educators can use the travel time to highlight the finer points of the team’s planned travel excursions; go over performance schedules; make sure everyone is aware of the rules and behaviour that will be expected of them, and play some fun games to initiate a tighter bond among the team members.

Sports teams travelling to a tournament could use their travel time to go over details of billeting; discuss game strategies and sportsmanship, and go over cultural customs and etiquette for the destination.

If different languages are involved, learning some basics during travel time is a very good idea.

On the return trip, we can arrange to review your travel adventures with photos, videos and mixed-media presentations. Your team bonding will continue, win or lose, encouraged by the lasting friendships forged from shared memories.

Regardless of the reasons for travelling, having young people all in the same place, at the same time, with their undivided attention focused on their educators and chaperones, is a wonderful and safe way to begin and end a trip.

Economy travel, sometimes fraught with difficulties, certainly has its place. But with a large youth component, Worldwide Charter Group can help to make your travel adventure go much more smoothly!

If your school or sports group of 100 or more people is seeking a relatively easy way to transport itself to a tournament or event across Canada or across the globe, charter travel just might be the way to go.

We would love to put our 15+ plus years of experience planning travel events to work for you. To receive a quote on your upcoming aircraft charter needs, call Worldwide Charter Group at 905-684-1100, or send us a message via our website contact page, HERE.

Worldwide Charter Group will help you plan ahead for educational travel success!