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Grow your business with Marketing Trips

Recently, a company in Ontario with branches in several cities wanted to organize a team-building conference in a unique location.

After meeting with them and assessing their needs, the planning experts at Worldwide Charter Group came up with a plan: We arranged a chartered flight to take the company’s sales team to a popular resort chain, located on Nassau’s best beach.

The company planned to begin its marketing, sales, and annual meeting presentations on the flight, then continue at the resort with a keynote address; team-building exercises; sales and marketing workshops and free-time fun. After four days of whirlwind company bonding, our charter flight would return the travellers home again, on a flight filled with presentations of photos and videos, recapping the best moments of the conference.

The company considered the costs of this charter versus the costs of flying its staff on scheduled flights, and came to the conclusion that putting all 135 staff members together would not only save them money - it would allow them to use the flight time as part of the conference.

It also allowed WWCG to choose an aircraft that would seat everyone comfortably, with amenities to allow our client to put their plan into play. We chose an Airbus 319, which offered seating for approximately 150 passengers.

Worldwide Charter Group’s experienced operations and logistics planners took care of arranging all the charter flight details, from departure in Ontario to transfer of passengers and luggage to the resort, and back again.

Following the conference, we followed up with our client to get some feedback. We were told that everyone loved the “getting away” aspect of the conference, and felt the beauty of the location and the specialty flight experience added to the meeting’s success. Sales in the months following the excursion increased for our client, a fact they attributed to their investment in their staff and the direct result of the training workshops they provided.

“So, it was worth the investment to arrange a charter?” we asked.

“Absolutely,” the company’s CEO told us. “You literally took us to new heights!”

If your company is seeking to grow its business by investing in staff with travel to a unique location, Worldwide Charter Group’s expert planners can help! To receive a quote on your upcoming aircraft charter needs, give us a call at 905-684-1100, or send us a message via our website contact page, HERE.

We can’t wait to take your business to the skies!