Worldwide Charter Group is a global aviation services provider with offices in North America, Europe, Africa and the Middle East.  Our management team is comprised of leaders within the charter and aviation industry that have contributed to the creation and development of countless charter programs, strategic leasing partnerships, airline start-ups and the gold standard for logistics and program management.  With 15+ years in the charter business, we have a keen insight and understanding of the big picture, and we have the tools, network and experience that produces results.

We work extensively within the North American, European, African and Middle Eastern markets, and in the past 5 years have expanded into Asia as well.  Our primary motivation has always been focused client care and communication, which in turn enables us to deliver on target, high value, innovative products and services to fit any budget.  Our multiple areas of expertise provide our clients with turnkey solutions tailored to situation and need.

Dedicated to Building Long-Term Relationships

WCG takes pride in our unrivaled ability to respond to our clients quickly and efficiently – we are always striving to ensure our clients feel well supported.  We are relationship builders – known for our strong dedication to fostering strong long term relationships with everyone we work with.  We place a high importance on personalized customer service and our first aim is always to exceed expectations which is why we maintain a tight network of clients, operators and suppliers.  We offer client support 24/7, 365 days a year.  In a period fraught with economic uncertainty, instability and tight margins, Worldwide has remained dedicated to sourcing clients the safest and most reliable products and services at the best prices.

In addition to service delivery, Worldwide management strongly believes in providing support to existing or start-up airlines and operators to continuously maintain and grow the aviation marketplace through other forms of assistance such as marketing, analysis and consulting.  We firmly believe the marketplace thrives on innovation, change, growth and new players.  As such, we make use of our skills and expertise to assist others to ‘get in the game’.

Whatever your need, whatever your timeline, whatever your budget and wherever you are…Worldwide is ready to take you to new heights.