Charter vs Scheduled Air

Chartering your own air transportation offers more flexibility, convenience and comfort than traveling with a scheduled air carrier.

Worldwide offers custom tailored travel solutions:

  • Personalized Itineraries – Our clients say when and where, choosing their own departure and arrival times with the options to makes changes when necessary.
  • Customized Catering Choices – The sky is the limit.  Inflight catering offers clients the opportunity to treat themselves or impress their guests.  Any dietary requirements can be accommodated.
  • Inflight Entertainment – You control the remote and decide what you want to watch.
  • Special Requests – We are ready and waiting with plenty of suggestions on how to make your charter experience a memorable one, but we are always excited to hear new requests and ideas and offer something new.


  • Your entire group travels together – no extra fees or hassles
  • Direct, non-stop flights to the airport of your choice (instead of the closest major hub)
  • You maintain direct control of your passenger manifest
  • Flights are confidential and unpublished
  • Additional security available when requested

Scheduled air cannot provide the tailored top-tier options and amenities many of todays businesses and travellers need.  When traveling as a large group, options and choice take  on a renewed importance, as your flight is the first and last part of every event.  We’re big on smiles and we want your guests to feel good about their entire experience on our charters.

Worldwide Charter Group has a wide selection of aircraft types available, each with their own unique assets and advantages.  We have access to thousands of airports including regional airports in remote areas, as well the major international hubs.  We can offer you greater scheduling flexibility, enabling us to get you to your ultimate destination on your timetable.